Thursday, June 21, 2012

RoboCup 2012: Second day scores

A back view of CHARLI at play
Virginia Tech’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory remained strong in its second day of competition, Thursday, 21 June 2012, at RoboCup 2012’s soccer leagues. TEAM DARwIn continues to dominate the Kid-Size Robot division, while CHARLI remained strong, pushing his win-loss stat to 4-1, respectively.

A roundup of scores:

Kid-Size: Team DARwIn (consisting of Virginia Tech and University of Pennsylvania students)

Vs. RoBIU, 5-1
Vs. NUbots, 10-0

Teen-Size: Team DARwIn-XOS (consisting of University of Pennsylvania and Virginia Tech students)

Vs. NimbRo, 0-9

Adult-Size: CHARLI (consisting solely of Virginia Tech students)

Vs. KW-1, 4-0
Vs. JoiTech, 3-1

For Day 3, Team DARwIn takes on Hamburg Bit Bots at 9 a.m. Central. More match-ups to be determined later. Go Hokies!

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