Friday, July 8, 2011

Technical Challenge day

Today is the first and only day of technical challenges.  CHARLI will compete in the footrace at 12:15pm, and DARwIn the throw in challenge, and perhaps the obstacle avoidance challenge too.  CHARLI has some stiff competition.  He originally looked to be the fastest robot out there,  but when its not walking backwards, the RoboErectus robot can really hustle.  JK timed him last night and found it was a hair faster.  Here's hoping CHARLI can pull out an upset.

The other technical challenges are a throwin, and an obstacle avoidance. Only one or two adult size humanoid is doing the throw in as far as I can tell. In this test the robot must walk to the sideline, find and pick up the ball, and chuck it as far as it can.  JK spent a precious night before we left designing a new gripper for Lucy, one of the OP's to compete in this challenge.  SJ spent the night last night troubleshooting the algorithm for the challenge, so ideally it all comes together at 1pm.  The more points we get in the challenges the better.

In other news, once Bryce has some free time when he's not helping CHARLI practice, we'll have some videos up on youtube of the matches and some key goals.

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