Saturday, July 9, 2011

You're my boy CHARLI

JK and Mike were the first ones at the venue this morning. They were out testing when I arrived at 9am. CHARLI required some testing for a new goalie program.  Keyframes had to be made, offense strategy improved, and goalie code tested. Two hours before the match, a problem arose on the practice field.  After Mike fixed the localization, CHARLI was so good he consistently kicked to the center, which in and of itself wouldn’t be a problem, except that the center of the goal was where the goalie always stands. 

We had a quick team meeting and all decided that Mike would change the attack code such that CHARLI would attempt to kick off at an angle.  With an hour left to go until the match, we tested the code…no dice.  Any difference in the trajectory was not noticeable.  If we weren’t stressed out before, we sure were now.  With 20 minutes to go it was decided that we’d try the new code, and if we got down two goals, Mike would switch up to the old code with the bug and we’d hope CHARLI was having a good day.

Game time.  CHARLI attacked first. He lines up a little funny, and kicks the ball outta bounds straight away.  Crap.  Team Hephestus goes on the offensive, makes a solid dribble across the centerline, lines up again, and shoots a solid goal.  Double crap.  Now we were down one with no indication CHARLI’s code was up to snuff.  CHARLI lined up for his second try and makes a solid first dribble across the centerline dead center of the field and stops just short of the penalty mark.  I start a “Hokies” chant and fortunately got a bunch of people to join in.  CHARLI lines up well, winds up, and fires the ball into the corner of the goal.  JK leaps into the air and everyone hollers at the top of their lungs.  The match is tied up.  The remaining 3 shots at goal all go the same.  Three more shots, and three more scores.  This field is treating CHARLI right and we finish the match up 4-1.  It was the highest scoring full size humanoid ever.  I cant do the game justice in text, so we’ll get video up asap.

DARwIn had an excellent day as well, two more shutouts against his opponents.  We face are rival, Darmstadt tomorrow. They are the past champions for several years, and not a matchup we would have wanted before the finals.  If we lose, we may be able to salvage a 3rd place finish.  Wish us luck.  And GO HOKIES!

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