Saturday, July 9, 2011

We meet the Darmstadt Dribblers in the Semi Finals in 30 minutes. Last year we met the in the Semi Finals as well (RoboCup 2010) and lost with a score of 1:9...

video is here:

We are hoping this year will be different.  We arrived with the brand new DARwIn OP's that are running like champions. They are the talk of the event, and many people are wishing us luck. So far our record in this RoboCup is:

Team DARwin - UURT Humanoid Robot,    10:0
Team DARwin - AUTMan, KidSize Field C, 8:0
Team DARwin - Team Ro-PE                       8:0
Team DARwin - YRA,                                  9:0
Team DARwin - JEAP,                                10:0
Team DARwin - TKU,                                  9:0

 DARwIn won every single game by shutout but DARwIn is going against the champions Darmstadt Dribblers, the strongest team in the league.  We were hoping we would rather meet them at the finals. Wish us luck!

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